Glow Bowling.

2 years ago my family and I went to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. We had gone to Dollywood and were having fun. Our last day there, we decided to do some putt putt and just shop. Our first stop was the blacklight gold. I was excited because I had never been before. We get our balls and putters and go into this seperate building where the door locks behind you. As soon as I step inside, there's this family in front of us and this woman had worn white pants with neon pink underwear. She looked like she was just in her panties. I thought, "glad that's not me." Well I start laughing. All of a sudden my dad lets out this roar of laughter and I'm thinking wow he JUST now saw glow panties. Then I see he's pointing at me... My shirt was such a light color and was so thin, it looked like I was walking around in nothing but a bra. I was mortified. And to make it worse, the woman with the neon panties was laughing at me.

What nerve. :/
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Oh my! That's priceless! Still, I think the neon panties warrant a bigger laugh.