How I Met My Best Friend

Oh my god this is the most hilarious story! I was living with family and we moved back to Florida about six months prior to this happening and my stepdad was teaching the neighbor hood kids about fixing cars. Well Jake and Joe (Jake is the best friend) come inside for drinks and stuff and I decide to come down stairs. Apparently he didn't know he even had a daughter lol so I go downstairs and ask if anyone wants to buy some Reeses for a charity benifit from school. Jake immediatly jumps up and says I'll buy all of them. I give him the tilt of the head look like he was out of his mind but I said alright. He buys the rest of my candy and then asks if I want them. Once again I think he's so gone from his mind and I ask him ever so elegantly "Huh?" and he just kind of blushes and says that he's allergic to peanut butter lol I roll my eyes and go back to my roo but my dad says take him upstairs so he ends up sitting on the floor for about a year until I ask for his help beating this dragon on my video game. We've been best friends ever since lol
HanaNoMizu HanaNoMizu
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Isn't it! We're still tight as ever and are extremely close. Its great. We joke about everything and most people think our relationship is weird.