Cardboard Boat Race And...

 I have done all kinds of silly fun things in my life and this just one of them.
It's summer and I live near the beach, and went downtown and saw a poster in a window of a second hand store.

This was definitely me, a poster in a window of a second hand store said Charity cardboard boat race
I went home and told my room mate, only a few detail and he was interested.
The next day we got a registration form and called a friend we hang out with,
and the three of us set out to build a cardboard boat.
the rules were you could use paint duct tape and cardboard, nothing else.
We starting to built a boat well it looked like one anyways.
A lot of people made comments on this, as we only had a small front yard and a busy street.
We were building it in the open, many people laughed, and some even sponsored us just because of this wonderful crazy idea
The three of us were so good at this, our boat was built in four days, so off to the water to try it out.
Loaded our creation onto a small trailer and took it down to one of the quiet beaches at the end of  town.
We flipped a coin and our friend got into the boat and about one minute later she floated out 20 feet or so and sunk.
lots of pirate sinking jokes and fanfare for this humorous sinking.
Back to the drawing board,this will be the best we have the sopping wet vessel to preform an autopsy on.
So we took it home with us had a few soda pops and figured out where we went wrong.
Lots time yet, two weeks to go till race weekend.
With input from a large amount of strange, curious, and out spoken people that ventured in our neighborhood,
we were on our way to build a true water faring vessel.
People got all hipped up about this and the second boat did not cost a dime to build this time.
Superstore gave us 24 rolls of duck tape and one of our local hardware stores chipped in two gallons of paint.
One week later, and a lot of hours, our new and improved boat was ready for detailing, we knew it would float!
We got decals from superstore and painted some flames on the sides and wallah first place material.
With our girlfriends wonderful detailing and our great engineering of our second vessel it was near race day,
and the more time all the layers of paint had to dry.
Race day morning we headed down to the beach and got into the line up for inspection and  put into a category.
Amazing there was 39 boats in all, and there were some wonderful, creative crafts.
It was hard to believe that this race was going on for years, and none of us heard of this before. 
with our own cheering section set up with the racers that were doing this for a while, it showed in the style and sponsorship
that was surrounding them and the pure fact that they put a lot of time effort and money into this craziness.
Few of them were saying that they start building a new one  for next year as soon as this season is over?
Our boat had four races, so if it would stay floating all three us would have, a turn.
The race track was an oval out in the water marked with floaters about 300 ft around. (or length) out ten ft from shore.
There were many fatalities, and some boats that you saw, looked unsinkable, were dragged to shore looking like a soggy old mattress.
It came down to our last try, our last and final race and in the end match was the same as the first.
we were kinda sad in our hearts that we did not do better, even so after a few minutes of that mourning thing.
It was time to start thinking maybe next year.
They had already called the second place winner and already people were disposing their now quickly decomposing race machines,
The organizers made an announcement that if if everyone please stick around for a few minutes after first place winner was called.
Everyone got some consolation prize like water shoes or some sort of floating devise, and gave a talk on water safety.
Next I could not believe it they called us up for a special award for their race, not knowing anything all three of us came up to the announcer.
He said for our enthusiasm and for how realistic our boat looked they wanted to give us something.
I thought that should have gone to the pub that built a round boat and it came dead last in every race, and the team made their grand
entrance following a guy from the legion playing the bag pipes.
They gave us ninety dollars from people used much more than cardboard, paint, and duct tape, and with the few sponsors,
we sent over three hundred dollars to Vancouver children's hospital, that made our day.
Our day ended with a dozen of us or so stayed and had a BBQ, and  for the five hours the boat stayed in the water with kids floating,
splashing and playing in it and it never sunk, we squeezed into the recycle bin before leaving to make sure no one got hurt,
This was pretty good day.
What a wonder full time I have had doing silly things, as long as they have some worth of substance to its theme.    


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4 Responses Feb 5, 2011

It's funny how we like to rise to a challenge :)<br />
<br />
Have you heard of 'The Myth Busters'? They built a boat out of duct tape, BUT they made a simple metal fr<x>ame to do it, and they used a LOT of duct tape... but it worked!<br />
<br />
They also built a canon out of duct tape. Love that show :)

Your welcome thanks for reading.

Cute story, gave me a smile :D

that was really cool, sounds like allot of fun, thanks for sharing