Birdie Blessing From Above

There I was right on the sidewalk and having a heated argument with my bf. People were starting to notice and I was just beginning to get worked up lol. Then I felt something warm fall on my head. I put my hand on my head to check and it felt wet. When I looked at my fingers then, it was green & white and oh-so-yucky :-/
My bf had seen this and now I looked at him and we both didn't know whether to laugh or stay angry as before =P
He was trying so hard not to laugh and he just gave me his hanky to wipe my head with and I took it without a word maintaining as much dignity as I could under the circumstances =D. God it was so embarassing!
Thankfully nobody else saw this whole episode and from that day onwards I have always been weary of that location whenever I walk by.. :o) Well that did end the fight, though!
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5 Responses Nov 22, 2011

hahahaha..good one. Mine, i was trying to show the signboard during our trasure hunt activity then the bird **** fell on my right hand! Splat!!! hahahahaha..."still hot from the oven"! hahahahahaha<br />
However, later that night, during the dinner, i won a lucky draw.....a HD Sony View Cam!! hahahaha

Sometimes a lil creature give You what it seems the best for them.<br />
I remember a trip in Canada (Quebec). We trip at Tadussac, wher we meet white whale in the St Laurent.<br />
We're on a lil boat, and suddenly one of theses wonderful creature spat water on all<br />
Great gift from Mother nature !<br />


hehe ..lmao!