Cher and Cher Alike

When I was about 10, my mom bought me a Cher barbie doll. How I loved that doll! She wore a long, red dress and had hair all the way to her knees.

One evening, my sister and I were a little bored and decided we thought it would be fun to cut Cher's hair. I always wanted to play beauty shop with my dolls and Cher was no exception, especially since her hair was actually TOO long.

After we got the hair cut into a nice little bob, we had a nice stack of Cher hair that we didn't know what to do with, so one of us came up with the brilliant idea of playing "grown up" with it.

We each got some scotch tape and taped some of the discarded Cher hair onto our pubic areas so we could see what we would look like in a few years. We were fascinated by how real it looked and spent several minutes in front of the mirror, admiring our work.

We jumped ten feet in the air when our mother came in and exclaimed, "What do you think you're doing?" We scrambled to remove the hair, but obviously we had been caught.

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Thanks for the giggle! Kim

My sister and I had Cher dolls as well, but we never did anything quite so Cher, in doll form, did not age well...her hair eventually became wild and completely unmanageable, so she went from being the saucy temptress to being the "Mom" and we all know that is worse than death in Barbie-doll-land. <br />
<br />
She spent an inordinate amount of time lying untouched and unplayed with until we needed a villian of some kind. <br />
Poor Cher.

so very funny. TROUBLE on the way...