The Etiquette Misguide

We are a newly wed couple. My husband had come from afar. He didnt have a proper place to live so what happened was we kept on moving from my house to his. Well, talking about manners, we never got a private space to make love. My Sister kept on bulging in whenever we were about to do it! She didnt care what position we were in... sometimes on eachother and sometimes semi naked...... my mom and sister would abruptly enter our bedroom ......and then make stupid excuses like oh they wanted to borrow my lipstick!
So we both decided to lock the door and make sure no one could enter. Then after making love with eachother we decided to unlock it but not open it because we were still loving each other. After a few seconds my sister came in and said ' YOU DID A SIN! NOW GODS FURY BE UPON YOU and YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FIRE!'
Why cant anybody think about feelings of newly married couples and give us some space to bond and love eachother..... a bit?
HelenParis HelenParis
Mar 24, 2012