My Dad's Coworker

This is not my own story, but my dad's from many years ago, he tells it often.

My dad was at his job as an IT Tech one day when his usually calm, on time coworker comes in rather late, and looking very frazzled. Puzzled, my dad walks over.

"What happened (coworker)?"
"I......I don't know wife is out of town.....I was watching the basketball game.....and I had this hot chocolate......and I don't remember what happened"

It turns out at the time Midol, the period cramps medication, had been manufacturing a hot chocolate (for nighttime use only, it was meant to take away the cramps and also contained a sleep aid) and my dad's coworker, without his wife being there to stop him, had drank a mug of it and been knocked out for hours!

no wonder they don't make it anymore lol
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LOLOLOL! Guess he reads LABELS now!