Oh The Days Of Deliveries...

I used to deliver pizzas for a living. I was always joking around with the regular customers if they were cool like that. On the occasion that one of the cooks screwed up a pizza, instead of just throwing it away, our boss would allow us to put it in a box and set it to the side for everyone to grab a slice and eat. On really busy nights, we'd put the "screwed up pizza" within one of the hot bags that we use to deliver pizzas in just to keep it warmer longer.

One particular evening, we were slammed with business. All of the delivery drivers were running to and fro with their deliveries. It had gotten so busy that our boss was just shoving pizza bags in our faces as we walked through the door, sending us right back out onto the road. I delivered to this one house. The guy wasn't a regular, but he seemed cool...so when he started joking around with me, I joked back...

"Hey, how's it goin?"
"Pretty good, Man, pretty good. How bout you?"
"Oh, I'm good, Chic. That my pizza ya got there? Is it made right?"
"Yep, yep, Man, pizza right here, and it's perfect. I would know...had a slice of it on the way over here just to check it for ya."

We both laugh. He pays me, I hand him the pizza and head off to my next delivery. By the time I arrive back to the store, it's slowed down, and people are cleaning up. I walk in and immediately, my boss is going ballistic on me!

"How long have you worked here?! Huh?!"
"I dunno...a couple years, I guess. Why?"
"You've been here that long, and you don't know that we DO NOT EAT THE CUSTOMER'S FOOD?!"
"What?! What are you talkin about?! I didn't eat anyone's food!"
"A customer called in heated, said you'd actually eaten a slice of his pizza!"
"No, Dude, I was JOKING WITH HIM! I didn't eat his pizza! I wouldn't do that!"

Turns out...during the busy hustle and bustle, my boss had accidentally picked up one of the 'screwed up pizzas" in it's hot bag and handed it to me in place of this guy's actual delivery. Me, not knowing what pizza was in the bag, I just delivered it like normally. One of the other drivers had already eaten a piece of it before heading out the door on his deliveries. Just so happened...by dumb, random luck...I joked about eating pizza with the very guy that I handed the screwed up pizza to! Talk about LUCK!!!
concreteardrop concreteardrop
36-40, F
May 20, 2012