The Dog

My uncle is a loving father of 5, he had this great story to share at a recent family party!

He was in the kitchen one day when he hears his 3 year old twin daughters, V and R arguing in the next room. He calls to them and asks what's wrong.

"R took my doggie!"

Figuring it was a stuffed animal they did not have a duplicate of, he sighs and asks R to give V back the dog. Within minutes the argument is going on again.

After this exchange happens a few more times my uncle gets frustrated and decides to take go see what is happening for himself.

"Ok girls, If you're going to keep fighting, I'm taking the dog."

Silence. He realizes neither of his girls has a toy in their hands.

"Girls, where is the doggie?"

V looks up at him with her innocent blue eyes and points into thin air

"Right there Daddy. He's a pretend doggie!"

My uncle was floored! They had been arguing over an imaginary dog this whole time!

He quickly asks them to pretend there are 2 dogs to stop the fighting and runs into the other room to hide his laughter.

Kids are too funny!
crazychick10793 crazychick10793
18-21, F
May 30, 2012