's the Police!

I was at a nightclub one night with some friends and we all decided to go for a swim at what we thought was a public beach. Feeling "no pain" I undressed to my undies and waded in with a few others. The rest of them decided not to because the water was quite cold. It was low tide and we had to go out quite a way before we were deep enough to actually swim. We must have been out there for about 20 minutes when one of my friends called for us to come back in. So we were wet and laughing at each other trying to make our way back in and trying not to split our feet open on the rocks in the water. I forgot to mention that it was 3 am and there were a few cottages nearby. Also...when your out in the water splashing and can hardly hear people on the shore...but your voices echo on the beach...they could hear everything we were saying!! (some things quite explicit!) As we were wading in, someone flashed a light on me! I yelled back "Take the f@*#ing light off me!!!" Someone yelled back...Shut up T___! And get over here!! I shouted back to "Take the f@*#ing light off me and I will!!"  We shouted back and forth as I tried to hide somewhat behind my friend who wasn't as shy as I was. Finally, my friend yelled at me "T____!!! Shut up and get over here!! It's the cops shining the light on you!!" I instantly turned a bright shade of red and tried desperatly to crawl into my own skin! I wanted to disappear!!

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That could of been embarrasing if you didn't lmao

LOL....Luckily I still had my undies on!!