My Biology Test

This event done when when i was in 10th. New science teacher came in our school namely' Miss Imtiaz'. At first sight she seems very strict.Ok!Though she was strict to us but she teaches awsm....... just because of her only bcz of her all the boys of are class passed......specially' Salman' hehehe!.We are satisfied from her the way she teach.After a week or probably 2 weeks she asks for a test,we said' yes mam sure' why not?..she said ,ok then she gave one chap..and tomorrow will be are test..
actually i was weak in studies  so i worked very hard for this test only just bcz i liked this teacher.... and nxt day i have two test  but i only concentrate on biology test....i spend  5 hours from 7pm to 12 am.
Nxt day when i appear in the test..i didn't do well..bcz i was  confused in questions.....after the test i thought  that i spend 5 hours or i wasted 5 hours...I was very upset really very upset.bcz i didn't do well in the 2nd test too bcz of this upset is natural feeling surely hearts..ok!.
Nxt day the result day...........She entered  with papers in her hand.Before her arriving we all were talking about the test..except one girl.namely Ayesha.J no doubt she is and was intellegent .
Miss came and sit, gave us the  info about  the nxt chap as per routine......and then a time a came.Oh! we all were actually scared bcz  she was very strict.She started from boys.only 2 boys were studying  biology..namely 'Omair and Abdul rouf.
Miss said to us that  who took below 10  he or she would be considered fail,both the boys got below 10 Miss strickly  ask from them.......and  both of them were not satisfied from their marks so Abdul Rouf start arguing with miss and misss hate arguing so  she became angry more..and i decided that what ever the marks i get  fair or arguments..Now girls turn...started from Ayesha.J she got 13 out of 15.....and yaa miss was also asking the reasons tooo for not doing  well per student....and everry one was giving the excuses and explanations..Miss announced  next  girl name..Ayesha.R.....She  got  10..Miss said u r  also cosidered   passed....
Though i prepared the test from my side...and still i didn't do well..all were giving  their  explanations..and miss didn't like arguments......funny thing was i doing at that time i was making sentences in my mind..what i say to miss if she asked.....
ok! my turn....'maimoona sohail' I stand up! step foward!while taking my paper i was about to say my excuse but she announced the  names of two remaining girls 'sadia and 'shama...together and she started asking reasons from them....i was looking at miss face......haan! why she didn't ask from me...yet i din't look my paper..i see my paper and sit..Oh! i get 11 out  of 15 but how? mean i didn't do well and this i feel......i studied my paper for atleast 2 or 3 times ..mistakes were there  but some not many!
still  how can i get 11  above 10 mean passed mean well....
BinteEshrat BinteEshrat
22-25, F
Oct 24, 2012