Look Before You Leap Or How The Loverboy Got Cured.

This happened more than 20 years back. I was working for a bank and we were asked if we would like to shift to Bombay. Bombay, is the financial capital of India and 20 years back it was a beautiful city with all the attractions young guys long for. I shifted to Bombay with a few of my colleagues. So here we were a bunch of young lads in the 'Sin' city of India. Working in the same organization and living together in the same campus all of us became good friends. There was this next door neighbour of mine lets call him Dave (else he will kill me, we are still in touch) who fancied himself to be a real ladies man so he would always make the first move on the ladies would go on dates and parties. I was a slightly reclusive kind preferring my books and my guitar to socialising. Dave 'took' me under his wing to teach me how to deal with the ladies because he was afraid that if it were not for him 'Blott would never get laid'. I played along not only because he was my colleague and neighbour but also because once in a while both of us would 'jam' with our guitars.

One saturday evening Dave and I were going around the Gateway of India when I suggested we go behind the Taj Hotel and have Kababs at Bade Miyan's. Well, there we were holding our plates and enjoying the kababs when I noticed my friend seemed to be staring at a group of girls nearby. then he says to me 'Blott just observe me and learn', he seemed to be eying a girl wearing an orange dress which started well below her shoulders and ended well above her knees. The girl seemed to be reciprocating. Soon he finished and walked off towards the girl asking me 'to take care of myself till he returned'. I got myself an ice cream cone with triple serving of ice cream not knowing how long I would have to wait there.

I finished the ice cream and was just about to bite into the cone when Dave returned looking flushed. "That was a quick one, What happened" ? I asked. "Dont ask me anything now" replied Dave. "Come on, tell me" I said. "We went into a park" Dave replied. "and went to the darkest corner, then I caught her and squeezed her tight in my arms and kissed her on the lips". Then what" i said. "We were kissing passionately when my hand strayed down between her legs", " then what happened" " The bloody sod had a pole instead of a hole".

Needless to say this cured our casanova and from that day on we had a lot more of music and books and he even got 'Religion'.
Blott Blott
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Blott - You have a real storytelling talent, - you should be writing books!

Thanks, actually i am writing a mystery novel which should be finished by May 2013

Thanks a lot. I think you too have a lot of experiences that we would love to read.