Preschool Stories

 I attend highschool, and one of my classes is working in the preschool classroom downstairs.

So one yesterday we were making paper horses with googly eyes, and they had to write their name on the back. One little girl's name is SYD. But when she wrote her name she messed up her Y and it came out to be "STD" lol... I thought it was cute, I'm sure her parents wont though.

The day before, at circle time, this other little girl named Dominique, likes to sit on my lap. And she's kinda wild so she kept waving  her arms. Then she reached behind her head and PINCHED MY NOSTRILS!! It hurt like hell.

Today, the same girl who pinched my nostrils, was taking one of the tricycles up the hill . And I'm like "STOP DOMINIQUE!" And I grab it from her and she whines at me, "But I wanted to ride backwards down the hill!" That would have been instant death.

Also today, I was pulling three kids in the wagon as fast as I could, doing all sorts of crazy turns. Since it was heavy it was very stable. Well two of the kids got out, and I tried doing the same thing... but it was less stable and it flipped over... right in front of her mom! I felt like a douche.

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2 Responses Oct 2, 2008

haha children are just like that.

Hah kids can be cute and a pain all in the same time. Makes me wonder which one I was more of.