During lunch break, my friend was leaning over her boyfriend, displaying a rater large amount of thong, this was unusual, because she really doesnt seem to be the thong type. And so, without hesitation I pointed it out to everyone, who laughed at this strange turn in character for her.

She was not terribly amused, I must say.

The next day, before school started, we were stood in a group of our friends, she turned to me and said: "Hey, do you want to check what underwear I have on again?"

This was clearly meant to make me embarrassed or make me apologise, however, I felt that a snappy comeback would be more appropriate as everyone was looking to see what my reaction would be.

So, I smiled and said: "Sorry, I'm not really in to that kind of thing. And anyway, I don't have any money on me, so it wouldnt be worth it."

Nailed it. She just called me a knob and everyone laughed.

Just banter mind you, nothing really angry here.

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cheers m'dears

That's great. Very funny!