My Sister.

My sister is one of those pretty girls with a great body that knows it.  Mainly because my mom has fed her ego all these years, creating a monster.

Well, my sister is always coming home and just bashing the hell out of her stepmother.  Mainly about her weight.  My sister makes fun of people if they're not skinny, I have received alot of her rude remarks, but her stepmom has it the worst.

Every week she comes home and tells me and my mom the rundown on every little thing that woman ate.  Eventually my mom and I were like, "Why do you watch everything she does?!?  Leave her alone!"

It really is bad because she does alot for my sister.  Well saturday my sister went to the doctor with her, and she saw her weight on the scale.  So my sister gets the bright idea to text my mom her stepmom's weight.  We really don't know why she felt this desire.

Well, she sent the text.  But she didn't send it to my mom.  She sent it to her STEPMOM! 

When I found out I was laughing my *** off hysterically.  Finally something humiliating for the *****-cess!

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2009