How I Failed My Music Exam

There I was ...lying in bed all relaxed I was off on study leave and was under the impression that my music exam wasn't for another week so I was watching buffy, eating breakfast in bed. Then my mobile goes, and my friend Nikki is like "kerry where the **** are you? Your music exam started like 20 minutes ago" I freaked out jumped outta bed ran like hell to my brother DRIVE ME TO SCHOOL NOW!! I got dressed like the speed of light, did my make up in the car almost poked my eyes out had no tie or anything on my hair wasnt even brushed. And OFC being quite early in the morning traffic was bad by the time I FINALLY got there I rushed in and literally ran to my seat, and I was there for about...10 minutes before the exam was over


Sigh...and so I failed lol Pity cus my coursework and performance got good grades

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I just read your other story about leaving college, you sound like a really talented lady, why don't you go back to college?

Why not?

It sounds like a nightmare, when ever I have a presentation I have this nightmare.<br />
<br />
I hope you make it on time next time.