Getting to School

so, me and my little brother miss the bus to school.

we walked home and decided mum didn't need to know we had missed the bus (she usually gets angry when she hears this),

so when we got to the gate, we peered over to see if she was there. she wasn't, so we ran to the garage; where the bikes are . garage locked... crud.

so i send my brother up in to the attic space and down a trap door to open the garage from the inside. he does. we find out the good bikes have flat tires. dang....

we hear mum in the room next door, we quickly climb in to the attic, and sit there for a while till she goes out again. mum comes and locks the door so we have to climb down the tiny trap door again and fall on shoes. not fun.

we take bikes that are far too big for us and walk then down the drive. suddenly we hear mum yell my brother's name, he freezes, he looks at me; i yell "GO GO GO!!!" we start to run...

we run down the drive with mum chasing us saying "i cant believe u missed the bus! you're not cycling! you'll have to get someone to give u a lift! i have to go to work!!!!! come back here!!" we get away and begin to cycle. we get to my friend's house at 9.05, just after school has started.

we have to leave our bikes at her house because we don't have a bike lock to use at school. and our bikes may get stolen. my friend isn't even in, so we leave her a note. 

it takes 20 minutes to walk to school so we are late in the end. still a pretty epic story i think.

ForeverAutumn ForeverAutumn
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2009