I Was Not Amused.

Today, I did a fairly boring experiment in chemistry, involving saponification (soap making.) The annoying thing was, we had to wear the special, elasticated goggles.

After an hour of wearing the blasted things, I was aware that I would have some very lovely red marks on my face from the goggles pressing down. My friend didn't look too bad, so I assumed I'd be the same. I couldn't be more wrong.

"It's really, really bad" she said. I felt my face, and sure enough, there was the outline of the goggles imprinted beautifully into my face. "Oh great."

My teacher heard my friend and came to inspect for himself. "Mmm...yes, yes...it's...quite bad." I know he wanted to laugh. He hid it well -_-'

In the corridor, I bumped into my English teacher. She looked shocked. "What did you do?!" she asked, peering in horror at my face. "I did chemistry." I laughed a little at myself (what else was I meant to do?) and she did too. More like chemistry did me.

When I finally reached the toilets, I found out the true extent of the damage. I looked like I was wearing one of those masks that superheroes wear over their eyes. Like this: 8-)

It was so embarrasing :S


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5 Responses Apr 3, 2009

:D yay! I am not alone. Why did you have to dress up in the first place?<br />
Hehe black eye...now I'm the one containing laughter. Good job with the story you used too - "beat up on the weekend."

Euphoria, you could have passed them off as a type of eyewear. Maybe trendy sunglasses ;)<br />
<br />
Haha, yes, I can't complain on that. I still have my eyes. I can't believe the safety standards used to be so different. My chemistry teacher sometimes handles dangerous chemicals (cancer causing fumes and whatnot) because he says that he's been so exposed already that it wouldn't make a difference.<br />
<br />
The goggle marks were surprisingly stubborn. Even after I'd gotten back home from a day at school, I could still see the vague imprint of a line on my forehead. I was a little scared that the dent would be permanent after a while because I could still feel it after the mark had gone. So, to answer your question: A WHOLE day.

Haha... aww, that's terrible. How long did it stay like that?

However, to lose your eyesight in an accident - when it could have been prevented - would be worse... is it not so?<br />
<br />
I took Chemistry at university, and I don't remember having to wear goggles then - but that was in the 1950s. Now, all industrial staff and students as well would have to wear them - for good reason. Unexpected things do happen!

Hahaha! xD<br />
I hate it when that happens. I took chemistry last year and I had goggle marks on my face every morning.