I should preface this story by stating that while I do love my brother very much, he is extremely confident (some might say he's outright "cocky"), and he carries himself with an air of accomplishment that most people hedge with at least a degree of modesty. As such, I earnestly believe that this rather humbling experience was just what he needed to add a modicum of humility to his otherwise grandiose character.

That said, here's what happened. Back in the late 1990's, my brother called me to tell me that he had been selected to preform in the pre-game show at one of our city's indoor football games. As a skilled and confident rock climber, he was thrilled when they told him that his role would be to repel (about 300 feet) from the center of the auditorium, dressed as Batman, with the theme song to (the recently released) movie Batman playing in the background. After reaching the floor, he would then make rounds to sign autographs for the hundreds of children that would be in attendance.

Well, things didn't go quite as well as expected. Despite his preparatory efforts to secure an unfettered line from which to repel, somehow, about halfway down the rope, he encountered an enormous knot. I (like the other countless attendees) assumed that he would quickly loosen the impediment and finagle his way down. But by the time the song had ended, it appeared that his efforts were failing.

Amusingly, however, the pre-show coordinators didn't seem to view the stranded man in the Batman costume, hanging in the middle of the forum (about 50 feet from the ground), as any reason to delay the festivities - and they promptly gave the green light to begin the fireworks show.

So there hung my poor brother, in the middle of the auditorium, amongst thousands of wildly cheering on-lookers, having to dodge mortars and various other fireworks exploding above and below him. Then, to add insult to injury, when the fireworks ended, on went the lights, and out came the cheerleaders, with my brother still dangling glaringly above then. Next came the football players, and by this point, I was convinced that the game was going to start with Batman, stuck there above the game, dodging passes and punts.

Well, I guess the intense humiliation was enough to boost his resolve to figure out a way to unleash himself, and just before the game started, he finally, humbly lowered himself (damaged ego and all) to the field - from which he promptly exited. 

Oh, and no, he didn't stick around for the autographs...       



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your story rocks! it really made me laugh. too bad he had to learn humility the hard or should i say 'dangling' way. :P

Oh, that poor guy! You do tell a story well, though.

Tears in my eyes laughing!

this is hilarious and very good story from where kids have something to learn. You should send this story to a news paper in the amusement section. I think it's will be a hit.

hey great story .............. it was too funny .......... though I feel a bit sad for your brother who was embarrassed before the whole crowd............ but this incident sounded like a climax scene from a comedy movie.

Is he still unemployed?

A wonderful humbling story!

That is sad. Talk about a person/s ******* in your wheaties.

i want his autograph...:D

What was your brothers reaction after it was all over and you were able to talk to him about it? Was he laughing or angry?

liked this story. The show was better for him being stuck - I'll bet people will remember that show a lot longer than if the stunt had gone off perfectly.

OMG thats so funny. I kinda feel for your brother, but he probably needed it. <br />
Thanks For sharing your story,<br />

LOL that's a funny visual!<br />
I feel bad for him, but it's so funny!!!<br />
What a way to learn a lesson.

Wow thank you that really made me laugh! I'm jealous that I didn't get to see that.

poor guy dangling like that and all (yikes) but i guess it served him right if he got a valuable lesson out of it.

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hahaaha<br />
that's so funny<br />
<br />
he should have made fun of the whole experience and been a sport and made it dramatic when he finally did drop down and turned it into a comedy moment. <br />
i know if you are priding yourself on being 'perfect' it doesn't always work that way. <br />
it's always a good idea to laugh at yourself.

That's really be ignored there the whole time, someone really should've helped him down.

Great story! It was hilarious!

Would be great to share it with the world....America's Funniest Vidios would be a good place to start

LOL!!!!!!! that is a great story!!!! yeah, it would be awesome if u got a video! & then ur children or his can show it to their children & for generations to come. man, but i LOVE batman. oh man, that's perfect. everybody's good for some periodic humbling, i'd say. :D

That is a good story. : )

The game had basically started, so it was hard to tell... =]

Thank you! Noexcuses is teaching me how I can probably locate a video (from a local news station). I hope to have one in time for his next birthday (my brother has become a commercial real estate broker, so he's in need of periodic humbling, trust me...)

Great story!

Now THAT's a story! In fact, it includes a valuable life lesson - it might even be a fable!