Surprise Package!

I had been recently hired as a letter carrier and had been assigned to a parcel post driver for training. Steve was a nervous sort but pleasant to me. I had been warned that he protected his delivery truck like a mother with a new baby so I would probably spend my day taking packages to business destinations and private homes and this was the case. I was supposed to drive this deuce and a half ton truck but Steve lived up to his reputation and, in fairness, we took turns jumping out and making deliveries.

All of the business stops had been made and it was my turn to take a parcel to an apartment that had a entrance leading up a stairway to a second floor. I rang the doorbell and stood waiting for someone to answer and heard an occupant walking down the steps. Peered through the glass door and saw naked shapely legs descending. To my astonished eyes a bright red bush of pubic hair appeared in my line of sight adorning a redheaded woman in the briefest shorty nightgown I have ever seen!

She opened the door and pouted at seeing a young woman in a blue uniform wearing the colors of the U.S. Postal Service. Threw her hands in the air and said "Thank goodness you weren't a man!". "Oh yeah lady." I thought. Obviously she had peered out her window and spotted the mail delivery truck and assumed that a man in uniform would be at her door to appreciate her womanly charms!

I gave her the package and walked back to the truck laughing and told Steve what I had seen. He was so upset that I had made that particular delivery and wracked his brain to find a reason to go and ring the bell again. If he had allowed me to drive his truck that day, he probably would have been the one to get a view of a very surprising package!

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I agree Flyingstone. The warm feelings that comes from opening up a card or letter cannot be denied. Why I have a list of dear people that will receive a card or handwritten note when I move on to my new life. Blessings,D.

Junk mail. I remember it well. I worked at this during the war in Vietnam and loved when I delivered mail from soldiers to family members who would be standing on the porches waiting. I would pull the letters out of my bag and wave them in the air to huge smiles. Those were the best days at work.

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A friend here worked as a postal worker and he has loads of stories about helping out elderly folk and lots of moans about all the unsolicited mail that made up the largest part of his load.

Come to think of it, Steve did remind me a bit of Cliff in appearance and actions. Some of the stories that we letter carriers shared were hilarious and I enjoyed this job a lot. As I was one of the first women in the States to carry the mail, I got a lot of strange comments. "Are you a mail man or a female man?" was frequent. <br />
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Got locked in a patron's garage when I pushed the button at the side door and closed the garage door with me inside. Had to wait until they came home from shopping and were they surprised! They had installed a safety device so children would not play with the door. No one knew where I was for over an hour and my fellow workers ribbed me about this for years!

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Being English my only vision of U.S Postal Service is Cliff in Cheers ..<br />
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I think he would have some kind of breakdown if he was presented with a bright red bush of pubic hair ..