I Have A Funny Story

I just got back from a local zoo today. It's not a real big zoo, but it is very nice. I was wandering through the area where African gorillas are kept. They have indoor areas and outdoor areas. I was in the indoor area where it was cooler. I was looking through the safety glass at some gorillas when a large silverback came up. I was only a few inches from the glass. The silverback came right up to the glass and pressed his face against it, looking me right in the eye for one or two minutes. As if I were the zoo exhibit and he was watchcing me. I've never been that close to a gorilla before. And definitely never had one stare me in the eyes.
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i guess he's saying does this look good enough , and you thought oh yeah lol

I don't remember where it happened. It was in the news and all over the tv. Chimps are very unpredictable. They all have the capacity for sudden violence.

Oh my, are you serious..no haven't heard of this story, poor woman, horrible ordeal to go through, hope she'll be able heal from this agression.<br />
Didn't know they could be that agressive...must have something wrong with this one for doing something this bad..or must have felt threatened in some way. Hmm...where did this happened?

You must have heard the story recently about the woman who had her face ripped off by a chimp and had to have reconstructive surgery.

Don't want to come face to face with one then...but then it's no problem..none of those around here..they would freeze.lol ; )

Chimps in the wild have been known to hunt and kill small animals.

Glad to hear that, cause the size they are..they could do a lot of damage...hmmm...better to stay away from chimps then..lol ; )

I've heard that gorillas are really very gentle, despite their size. Chimps are much more prone to violence. Ask Jane Goodall.

Wooo..good thing there was a glass wall between the two of you, never know what would have happen...lol ; )