Here Goes.

It's a new day. The sun is warm as I wake up, strech my paws, and yawn. I smell the air. Breakfast is close by.

I watch as the rabbit leaps by. I hear the twitching of his ears. He's clueless. I smell his fear. It's intoxicating. I know he's aware of me. I pounce and with a quick chomp of my teeth his life is exhausted. I eat .he dies. The world keeps going.

As I head down to the lake I notice an unfamiliar smell. It's sweet like a flower...maybe a rose....mixed with sugar. I creep through the tall weeds. The smell gets stronger and grabs my attention. It's by the lake. What is it?

I peek around the trees and pear out to the lake. There, on the other side this thing,tall,fleshy,thing. I decide to get closer. As I move silently through the forest I watch I can now make out its human. *humans,such easy prey* it's not lunch yet but I would like to study you. I'm crouched in the weed line just out of sight. I can hear you, I can smell you. You have no clue.

You stand at the edge of the water, you look around. Satisfied that your alone you remove your shirt and pants to wash them. Your long black hair drops down your back. It's so black yet glistening with health. I can smell it. It's the roses from earlier.

You start to hum. My ears twitch *so much noise for such a ....fragile creature* you splash in the water as you clean. Water hits you in the face I watch as it glides down your chest and in between your supple breasts.

I feel a twitch In my sheath. You wipe off the water but for some reason your hand stays there. You rub the front of your sheer bra. Your nipple springs forth as it hardens. You give it a slight pinch and moan. Your moan startles me. I jump a little. Your head whips my way. I freeze. You continue with your cloths. I smell it. Yes the smell of fear.

Your afraid some one has seen you enjoying your self. But then again who cares. It's been so long. And you deserve happiness. Once again you look around as you let one hand slip into you panties. You feel your ***** lips , slightly cold from the thin layer of cotton between you and the wind. You explore your folds. You can't remember the last time you've taken the time to just be with yourself.

I soon smell a new smell. It's sweeter,moist like the dew in the morning, my **** pokes out of my sheath a bit. The breeze is cool on the tip of my penis.

Soon your fingers are wet and you cloths are no longer a priority. You pull one of your **** out of your bra and massage it. Your other hand has now found its way inside your tight honey hole.

I watch as you grind your knuckle against your clitoris. You bring your fingers to your mouth. As you suck on them you run your tongue over the tips making sure to get ever last drop. When you replace your ever busy fingers you set down on the dirt and leaves. You pull on your ***** lips. And spread th apart. Letting the air hit places it shouldn't.

You start to moan louder. You bite your lip to shush yourself. I creep forward a bit. This smell is amazing. I continue to watch as you lay back on the ground. You press two fingers inside you. The third is swirling around your butthole. You increase your speed And vigor. I see you press on your button but never penetrate. Your other hand squeezeing and rotating on your *** and nipple. You pull your nipple toward the sky.

Your body squirms on the ground. Your breathing increases. And you bite your lip harder. You soon pull your fingers out and place your index finger and middle finger on opposite sides of your ****. You shake your hand side to side and squeeze your hand closed. Faster and faster your hand moves,you pull upwards on your **** and a flood of female *** squirts out of you. You twist your nipple as it happens. The leafs and ground are soaked as a river flows out of you.

The sight and smell of the glassy wet dew that now rolls down your leg puts me over the edge. I cannot stay silent any longer. I dark,deep growl bellows out of me. My claws dig into earth, I'm ready to pounce.

Even in your ecstasy filled mind you are startled by the fierce growl coming from seemingly nowhere. Scencing your in danger your hair stands up on end. Weather from fright or the incredible ******* you have just flushed out if your system. Either way you run for about 100 feet and once you think it's safe you slow your pace but still worried you walk with determination. You enter your cabin and lock the door finally safe. You look down and realize your still in your bra and half slid panties. "****, I left my cloths. I think I'll just get them tomorrow." You prepare for the evening.

I'm startled to see how fast you move. I see you run off into the woods. It's now safe to exit the weeds. I quickly move to the puddle that you left. It's a clear,viscose liquid. It's aroma is that of hot apples and tulips. I'm imprisioned by the pure erotica of it. My lips part and my tongue dips in to the pool of sweet nectar. The taste overwhelms me. It's what energy would taste like. I feel a warmth fulfill me. I feel a churning in my balls. This stuff is life!!! I vow to have more. I give chase

I catch up seeing you slow your pace. I stay away. Stalking you. I notice the way your hips sway back and forth. Your butt bouncing with each step. It taunts me. You heavy **** jiggle as if to wave me onward. I lust to touch, To feel the flesh in my paws. In between the pads and around my claws grows with each step

I stalk you all the way to your cabin. I hear the lock on the door. I decide I will have you. No matter what. I wait... Wait for my chance.

You've made supper and cleaned up. A howl from out side startles you from watching the fire. You look out the window. You see a large wolf up on a boulder about 40ft from the house you can see him clearly with the moon light. His fur a dirty white. His tail and ears are tipped with pure black. It reminds you of your hair. His eyes are a bright brilliant green. His teeth are white like cleaned bone. You take notice that his sheath and balls are visible. For some reason you think of your time by the lake. You shake those thoughts outta your head. And retreat to bed.

I walk off the boulder and notice you've turned out your lights. I decide that I cannot wait any longer. I circle the house. The Door is locked soI check the window. It's cracked. I push it open with my nose. I smell you body and I shiver with excitement. I wonder around your cabin. Making only a few creaks as I walk. Soon I find you under the covers. Even though my instinct tells me to leave the urge to taste you again wins. I nose my way under the covers. My cold nose hits your leg. But asleep you simply don't notice it. I hop my front two paws up at the foot of the bed. As my head creeps upward between your legs. My nose hits a soft spot. I inhale. My ears perk. This is it. The source of the Devine liquids that has inebriated me form this morning. As I open my mouth you feel a heat against your ***** lips. You stir in bed. I let my rough tongue press firmly on your mound. The sudden pleasure jerks you awake.

You look down expecting to see your self fondling your ***** again in your sleep. You move your legs. You feel fur along the insides I your thigh. You scream. And jump up. The covers thrown on my head. Blinding me you go to run but trip over a house shoe. Twisting your ankle. You stop for a second. And look up. The first thing you see is my teeth. Bared and snarling. You freeze

I'm warning you not to move. I growl heavily. I step forward. I smell your fear. It makes me think your going to try to run. " whoa. Whoa clam down " you say. I walk up on you and lower my head to your crotch. "Hey. What are you doing. Stop that!" I snap at your face. And growl. " ok" you tremble your so scared. You urineate a little. I go to lap up what I think is the precious liquid just to have a foul taste hit my Senses.

You watch in amazement how quickly I go after the urine. And as I wince at the taste. This is your chance. You roll over and start to crawl away. Your ankle is swollen you get to the door that had been shut in all the excitement. You reach for the door knob when you feel a warm,wet tongue slide up form your clitoris, through your lips grinding a the way and across your ******* my tongue never leaving one place. It seems my tongue can lick everything at once you whimper at the sheer pleasure you recive.

As I go to lick a second time. I notice you press back into my mouth. My tongue goes deeper in your ******. Flicking your **** and sliding inward as if it was tring to penatrate you. And once again across your tail hole. I stiffen my tongue as it slide up inside your body. The taste is like meth to me. I cannot have enough. I swirl my taste buds all around your vagina. I can feel the mussels and ridges in you. My tounge hits your cervix. My teeth press and grind agenst your **** And I press harder I must have more.

You squirm and shiver as the most unbelievable and the most erotic thing that's ever happened in your life continues to unfold. You find your self once again biting your lip as I explore your depths. You release the door handle now wanting to stay. Your hand replaces the handle with your rosé bud nipple. It's still a little sore from earlier. Put the pain is good.

I remove my lapping tounge and curl my lips over my teeth my nose presses to your lips. I shove my face hard. Your tight little hole expanse enough for me to get 3 inches of my muzzle inside you. My bottom jaw still open and I lick your bottom as I try to fit more of me in by baking up and trying again.

Your eyes cross as you moan loud the fact of what is happing over welms you. You feel a release. As my nose is buried deep in you it is filled with a rush of female ejaculant. It enters my nose and forcing its way through my sinuses and out my mouth. Using my head like a peice of piping you feel your own juices hitting you in your puckered *** hole. Sending you over the edge again. You collapse in the floor and roll over on your back panting and sweating.

I sneeze with all the heavenly liquid flooding my mind. I walk up and lick your cheek. You smile, I then turn to continue to pleasure your ****.

You moan and bring your hips to my mouth. As you look up you notice my heavy sack and apparently swollen sheath. You feel a forbidden desire burns inside you. You carefully reach up and rub my balls. I let a deep breath out on your sex. The heat of my breath entices you. You massage my sack and you risk grabbing my sheath. It's thick and furry. As your hand grasps me you notice that there's still 3 inches poking out of your hand. The new attention has me licking hard and fast.
Your natural instincts tell you to start ******* my ****. You rub back and forth on my furry sheath. You feel it swell even thicker making your fingers expand. My nose in between your legs, your brain goes haywire. You start stroking and squeezing. My pointed red **** pokes out of my sheath. You want to taste it. You stick your tongue out, still stroking, you give my **** tip a solid lick. It's too much for me and my **** pours out of its sheath. All nine inches now linger inches in front of your face. You lose control and start to lick and suck the side of my hard swollen ****.

After only a few minutes you look at me and decide enough games. You get up and bend over the bed. You look at me and say " come be a big bad wolf". As I look at your beautiful round *** an your peach poking out wet and ready I feel my **** throbbing. I waste no time. I hop up feeling your soft cool skin on my pads. My fur brushes up against the back of your legs. My balls bounce off your legs as I line my self up.

As I enter you you feel the warmth of my member,the pointed tip spreading your lips with ease. Your heart races as you back up wanting more. I give a hard quick thrust and plunge all nine deep inside. Your breath escapes you and pleasure over whelms your mind. I **** hard and quick, my furry balls slapping your **** with each thrust. Ten minutes go by, never changing speed and keeping a rhythm. You moan and scream. I growl and plunge as deep as I can.

I suddenly pull out and slam my swollen **** deep inside your *******. Your hit with pain and surprise. You've always played with the idea of anal but now this wolf has forced his way into taking your butt cherry. The pain quickly subsides and a new pleasure takes over. You moan as it slides in and out. You feel the long deep strokes. Your butt trying to close as my tip comes close to popping out, but at the last second pressing its way back in. Over and over, you feel that pressure building again.

My instincts telling me that you need more make me switch back to your glorious *****. The inside of you is milking my ****. As If you are controlling the muscles and moving them like a hand,squeezing at the bace and then up to my head.i pull out an plunge in over and over giving that tight ***** a reason to expand. My **** pushes the depths of your *****. The pointy tipped head ever pressing on your cervix needing more room. Your stomach swells with every thrust as if your breathing. Very soon my knot swells. You once again cringe in a pain that you can only want more of. You feel as if a softball is inside you. You try to pull away but can't. My balls still slapping and stimulating your wet hard ****. We are now one.

I hump without coming out my thrust only press me and the knot deeper fighting against your natural size. Demanding it acclimates to my size,Spreading you wide. I cannot hold it any longer. After 45 minutes of sex with you my **** erupts inside of you with a powerful thrust and a more explosive shot ropes of *** shot up inside you hitting the back of your cervix. Flowing into your womb and not able to leave.

As you feel me unload in you it's tips you over the edge. The new on slot of *** has forced you to go. But as you *** it is only meet with an equal pressure. You try to squirt but it goes nowhere the swollen knot has stopped it. The sensation has you stuck having an *******. You *** over and over and each time you do it spins your mind out I control. It seems as if you may never stop *******. After what seems like 10 minutes of multiple ******** my knot loosens and a flood of mixed *** blows my **** out of your used sore *****. It lands on the floor with a splash then a trickle. As its still flowing down your leg. You crawl into bed. The last thing you remember is my tongue licking our love off your legs. You pass out.

Several hours pass and you awake with a smile. You look around searching for your new lover but can't find me. You almost give up hope when by the door you see a note setting soon your shirt and jeans from the lake. " Human. Glad I didn't eat you,we'll too much of you. If you ever want it again go to the lake and leave some soaked leaves. And I'll *** running. Btw I may know of a doe that would like to join " it's signed with a paw print. You smile at the idea of more fun and pick up the cloths. You notice the entire crotch of your jeans are missing. You shrug and continue with your morning.

In the early morning I reach my den. Satisfied with the new friend I've made. I curl up with my new jean rag that I've fashioned into a collar. I lick my **** of any of your residue trying in insure a very good dream as I close my eyes and sleep with a smile.
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loved it! gave me chills

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Thanks. I hope it spreads more I did work really hard on it

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Thank you. I put some time in this one lol

Magic. Pure magic.

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