Futon As A Toilette

I enjoy pee in my futon . have this futon strictly for ******* in it. Since one of my gf have pee in my futon during we watching the triology of "Lord of the ring" without saying anything about it until the end of the thirth film. I now also do it somes times in memory of this lovely naughty girl who show me an other utility of my futon. It take a lot of pee and don't stain or smell as well. Other girls have also pee in this futon during listening a movies after that I have say that this futon is only a toilette, not a real furniture.

          Anybody also do it?
mtlwetting mtlwetting
36-40, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

My BF has a futon that I really want to wet!

You can easyly do it if he whant. If not, just alow about 24h of dry, nothing more attention.

My futon is open to your pee too if you whant

I am shure tha he will enjoy you pee on his futon!