If you are here I want to thank you for reading this and like many others I also want to get this off my chest and share my story with you.
As a kid I always used to love to play cards but I used to play for very less money back in my home country India. I came to United States 5 years ago for an IT job, at the end of my first year one of my friends taught me how to play poker. We started playing home games for only 10-20 usd and it felt great - I had learnt a new card game. It all started when I first went to the casino in Texas - I went with 2 of my friends and ended up playing poker for the first time on the poker table. The adrenaline rush, the jokes cracked on the table, the cards, the dealers everything felt so amazing, I guess my first sign ever of gambling was when I refused to go back home with my friends and after numerous attempts they eventually left without me.

Since then I have been addicted to poker and poker has ruined my life. I have always tried to control it, become successful in controlling it for 2-3 months but it keeps coming back and back as soon as I have some savings in my account. I have lost more than 50,000 usd in last 5 years. I hate my life - I am getting married in 2 months and do not have enough money to pay off my credit card debts right now.
How can I stop this? I keep going back and back - should I end my life? I dont want to stay like this. I want to be a normal person, but I just cannot avoid thinking of POKER in my life. Please advise me before it is too late and I give up my life.
HimanshuTaneja HimanshuTaneja
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

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