Games I Play @ Home

Digby's Donuts:

In this game you catch the donuts and sort them by color.  Three in a row constitues a win.  Its kind of like Tetris.  You don't want to drop any donuts or overflow the columns.  Its a fun, fast and challeging game. 


Tumble Bugs:

I love this game and the music is addictive. I can't stop humming this tune LOL.  You  fire colored bugs into the chain and hope to get three in a row.  When you do, the line shortens.  The object of the game is to keep the chain of bugs from going into the hole.

Zuma Deluxe:

This game is just like Tumble Bugs, same objective.  Just like the other, I've not been able to get past level 8.

Pizza Frenzy:

In this game you must make, deliver and recieve tips from customers in a timely manner.  Its fun and entertaining.

Shape Shifter:

OMG, I was so addicted to this game at one time.  You match the shapes and place them into the right spaces.  Hurry before time runs out.  Don't let the rows grow too high or else you lose.  I've not gotten very far on this game either.

Diner Dash:

Another food industry game. 

Here you : seat the customers~entertain those waiting in line~ take the customer's orders~deliver food to tables~clean tables and pick up your tip

Old men take a long time to finish eating.  This game requires a lot of concentration.  Don't lose any customers by making them wait too long.

Chickionary, Flip Words & Super Wild Wild Words:

Spell as many words as you can.

Gosh, I have so many games I enjoy playing.  Have you played any of these?

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Those look like some nice games....maybe I'll run across <br />
some of them sometime.