My View From A Distance

Every were I go I find myself looking down ailies, at dumpsters on lots, and looking for the time when I could just enjoy the thoughts of watching the Garbage trucks as they do there work....I drift into a trance as I watch the blades squish the trash in a rear loader, I get amased at the power of the front loaders as they dump the bins and the side loaders are ok but less room for the thought of me being in there, as trash...

Even when i am traveling i look to see where the landfils are and make notes as to what would happen should a truck pick me up and take me there, strange thoughts and weird senarioes but I often ponder!
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

I love. Trash bags. Sex

I do the same. I usually end up in at least one dumpster in every town I stay in