I Love My Brother

I really do love my brother, which is why I am so embarrassed to admit that I am not yet entirely okay with him being gay. We were both raised in such a homophobic, strict baptist environment. He has not yet even "come out of the closet" publicly, so I am happy that he feels close enough to me to tell me the truth. It's just that I have always felt awkward around homosexuals as a result of my upbringing. I think the issue is harder for me because he is also an adult baby and a furry. I know I probably sound totally ignorant right now but I was just hoping that there was someone out there who has been through something similar who could give me some advice. I really love my brother and I don't want things to stay so awkward between us.
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@GG1234 you should think about telling your sister! I know I would hate for my brother to feel like he has to hide who he is from me. Of course, neither of us are telling our parents, because we know that would cause unnecessary drama. Good luck!

Your brother is your own blood and belive me he loves you as much as you love him . He needs your support you are the closest thing as a family member to him , you are his sister. I am gay and I love my twin sister alot , i adore her . But like you I as was raised in a very conservative family were homosexuality is not considered normal and its hardcore ! Everytime my mom see something homo on TV she is like " Oh , its discusting its not natural " seriously I feel like I am trapped. So i havent told anyone yet in my family that I'm gay including my twin sister im just scared they will freak out .

I have been gay all my life and I thought hid it quite well, but it drove me insane. Love your brother. Does it matter if he is gay? What if he married a different race woman, would you still love him? He IS your brother and this should not matter to you. You may NOT like it or even accept it, but he needs family and friends and you need to step up. Who knows, he may not like your wife/girlfriend, should he not love you?

i wish i could trust my sister...i can trust my stepsister though thankfuly

im sarry about my speling i got that from my dad =(<br />
<br />
id be happy to be friends with you and your brother =3

wow rilly hes a furry and an AB so am i and i got a gay step bro you wouldent no hes gay by looking or talking to him tho and actuly i resently discoverd im gay too and i prodly edmit it<br />
im sarry yall lived in sutch a strickt enviroment he needs to let it out or he will end up as deprest as i was <br />
im akwerd around gays that dress as gierld and talk likt them too its just a bad stareotyp<br />
i hav 2 bfs and im shur he will find and AB/furry to love him back i no some sites for furryes and im in one that is also for ABs its got losts of furryes in it too most are gay or bi and they are rilly cool ppl but you can only join the site by invitation witch is sent to you by email <br />
<br />
im trying to figer out how to send en invitation now actuly if you wont to you can hav my email and giv it too him just PM me and ill giv it to you im shure he could use a friend with the same intrests