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My Little Brother

My youngest brother and I are super close. We frequently have "sleepovers," where he will come and stay the night in my room and we'll talk for hours. Usually it's just telling jokes, but every once and a while we have a serious conversation. He's 12 right now, and a few months ago he confided in me that he was gay. He told me about how there was a boy at school that he has a crush on. I comforted him telling him that he's my brother and that I will always love him no matter what.

I always kind of figured he was gay, even before he told me. He had too many effeminate qualities for me to think otherwise. He had too many flamboyant gestures and so forth for me to believe that he wasn't gay. After playing "dress-up" with him so much when he was little, his letting me put him in dresses, bras and other things, I would have a hard time believing otherwise.

I love my brother. I think the fact that he confided in me that he's gay actually brings us closer together.
hotnnow hotnnow 18-21, F 6 Responses Dec 25, 2011

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Your *** great sister. He's lucky to have you

He must really trust you to share that information. I hope you continue to earn his trust as he's going to need it.

Its great that he has your support, I was lucky that I had a big sister that loved and understood me and let me cross dress any time I wanted..

You are a great sister!

He's lucky to have you. :)

You sound like a great loving and caring sister, that is very specal