Gay Brother

i was 16 my broter 14 we played around we had sex after the years i am now 30 he is 28 we both are married with kids but secretly have sex together. is it wrong
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5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

I have sex with my brother I am 25 he is 21 we are in love

It probably won't be "wrong" until one of the spouses finds out. Please be careful, because when the cat does get out of the bag, the spouses and kids are the ones that will suffer the most.........this would be true even if you weren't brothers.......

Me and my older brother had sex for 8 years when we was kids (i was 9, he was 12 when it started) i wish i was still having sex with him. So enjoy what you have both got and no it is not wrong at all in my opinion

Not at all. Enjoy yourselves and have lots of good fun. Be careful too.

No. It's not wrong. I think it's great! It would be wonderful if you could talk about how it started - who said what to whom, who made the first moves, if you shared rooms or bathroom time, if nudity was commonplace in the home or among the males in the home. When you get together now, is it in a 3rd location (like a motel) or is it in one of your houses? Has anybody else been included with the two of you? This is really hot and I'd love to hear more!