Love Him Like a Brother

I have a younger brother who's gay and I'm ok with it. It's his life, his choice. When he first admitted to me he was gay we were at a country club soiree talking in my car in the parking lot where I needed to get a fix . He said " Did you know I'm gay?" to which I replied "Yes, did you know I'm a coke addict?"  He said "Yes, but you never gave me sh!t about it". I replied "I'm a dope fiend. people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Nuff said.  

zillaron zillaron
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2009

Great comment Sam! Thanks.

And think of all the advantages .. I have gay friends and they are loving, generous, always broke, shameless, outrageous and always trying to set me up with female friends ... I can guarantee if I see a comely lady across the bar within 15 minutes they will be qizzing her to see if she's 'good enough' ... those conversations usually start with "Hi so your Sam .. I've heard so much about you *grin*" .. my reposnse is .. "oh dear what has he said this time" ... god love their rainbow socks :-D<br />
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tolerance is such a wonderful thing it exposes you to some really wonderful people and fun adventures ... I dont even waste time pitying homophobes their loss, my gay friends bring a light into my life. Bill maher said it best ... ".. their called GAY, in fact some them seem positively ecstatic" lol

Thanks ladies! He's a great guy and I admire him as a person. Being gay is't contageous and I'm not homophibic. I think it's sad when people ostracize a loved one for their sexual preference.

I'm glad that you accept him ^_^ I'm sure he is happyXP