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Looking back we should have known..we all laugh about it now But in all seriousness it's sad that he couldn't be himself for over 45 yrs.

Like when my Dad would say...I know what a guy wants..... so No you can't go to that all night party .. I know he really did know what a guy

We had a great family life & I thank dad for all the effort he put into keeping us all together.. but the "Happy Family" can only be maintained for such a short time before the inevitable sledge hammer smashes the illusion...

I didn't really worry about it..I took it as a huge relief...nothing is that perfect and I felt as free as he probably did.

We all still love each other... And I have much better taste in men.

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i had a very, very different experience. my father came out over three years ago, since then, he has made the divorce a mess, tried to leave my mom with no support, left her to deal with the sale of the house by herself and moved to the east coast with his partner, which he told us about after the fact. I am now 21 years old, the youngest of 5. So, when I was 17, he came out. He told me that he had known for 12 years (that would make me 5 when he "found out). He said that my mother had known for 7 years, and all my other relatives had known for 3 years. My siblings and I were the last to know. <br />
I have had a very difficult time dealing with this. I know im not ready to go to counseling. I am still pretty embarrassed. I was wondering if you have been to counseling and if they told you of any books or resources to turn to for help dealing with the situation.

It would be very hard <br />
<br />
Dad asked himself this.. <br />
<br />
Who am i protecting ... my family or myself ?