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In December of 2008, I started taking my son, DW, to an adolescent pathologist, for speech therapy for a very mild lisp, and because DW wont speak to anyone, save me and his other mom, C. He hasn't spoke to anyone else in eight years.

We have been told, for years, that DW has selective mutism, and he'll talk to others when he feels ready. It turns out, he has a mild form of Asbergers' syndrome; a cousin to Autism. It is common for geniuses to suffer from Asbergers', because they are so intelligent, they get locked in thier own thought processes.

After months of testing, DW's pathologist revealed to me, that DW has an IQ of 130. DW has never taken a formal test. He has always been homeschooled. We use unorthodox learning. As a result of the new information we've learned, DW is now enrolled in sixth grade home school.

We will have him retake the IQ test in six moths, after he has learned the true logistics of test taking. Meanwhile, I have to learn how to raise a baby Einstein.

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Home schooling is great. My mom kept me with kids until third grade then took me into the home schooling program. I'm a social butterfly with no problem. My cousin did the same thing.

Just a tip, don't let people label your son. I know a myriad of kids who have been labeled some disease or another, but does it mean they have it? To me they are just as normal as any other kid.

I had a lisp when I was a kid too. Mine went away in time. I bet his will to. A tip: don't correct every word he says and do not point it out constant. This can really kill confidence. Talk to him about Winston Churchill and Emperor Claudius - both had horrible speaking issues. Winston Churchill got rid of his speaking problems through practice, and then practically save the world; Emperor Claudius was one of the best emperors every know.

I was an intelligent child, and i can tell you one thing, WE GET BORED!!<br />
HAve something challenging and new every day, but don't push him too far, or he will resent learning. Encourage him to read, and don't forget, let him be a kid. He needs to be with kids and around them, or he will be a very intelligent adult, with NO social skills.<br />
Keep goign, i know its hard. Congrats.

Think outside of the box, because that's what he does. Try to make it a game. Have fun with it and congratilations. :)