From age one, my parents new i was extremely intelligent.

Here is a conversation i had:

Granny Joy: Have a look at this spoon honey!

Me: Oooh! The pattern ont he handle is very intricate odn't you think?

Granny Joy: What!?!

Me: Fancy.

Another one, age two:

Mummy: How was daycare?

Me: Excellent, but miss Desley doesn't know her shapes.

Mummy: What? Doesn't she?

Me: No!! She kept pointing to them and asking me what they were!

Mummy: Did you tell her?

Me: No! If she doesn't know her shapes by now, i'm not helping her.

Other conversations include me yelling at a petstore owner about animal rights, a deli counter server about killing chickens for their legs and me telling my mum i wouldn't sit on Santa's lap "Cause he typifies a very grumpy old man, i mean WHY would i sit on the lap of a complete stranger."

But my parents never pushed me. I wrote a 140 page novel at age 11 and was a straight a student.

I was also very musically talented.

But i was never a genius, i don't believe in geniuses, i believe in intelligence, but nothing more.



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Hear Hear!!! I believe in intelligence not geniuses. I looked that word up on your page!! I spelled it genious. LOL Publish your novel and keep doing your thang! Lily