5 and Rather Annoying!

i've got 5 gerbils, all names after harry potter characters lol, but they can be soooo annoying, especially at night, when there attempting to chew their way out of the cage. it just gets really annoying.
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4 Responses Aug 18, 2007

hmmmmm.......yer i think it is actually lol, ow well, its cute anyway!

I think that's a hamster, but I LOVE this group's picture!! So cute! ^_^ I had a gerbil once and it had an attitude. *LOL* I usually get hamsters. Now I have a hamster with an attitude!!

well, i used to have 6, and the first 2 were named dobby and winky, but dobby died, and then the other 4 are called hedwig, pigwidgeon, hermes and errol.

hahahhaha! awesome! which HP characters are they named after? :D