I Don't Have One...I Have Pen Envy

I don't have one. I envy Dotty's. I just had to add this to my group collection. I dream of having a giant pen. :)
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8 Responses Dec 15, 2007

Mines gone now.........I used up the very last colour!! (well actually I still have some of the bits...hoarder that I am!!!) LOL

ooh ooh ooh... I WANT A GIANT PEN TOO!!

Now there is something very wrong with that statment

Just making sure I wasn't hearing messages that weren't really there. lol

Is there underlying messages flowing under these comments that I can't see?

Isn't it fun just to click the thing? Makes for great rainbow drawings. =1

The only giant pen I have holds four ink colours at once. It`s all nifty and old school, but leaks like a bastard.<br />
There is something very satisfying about writing with a big pen, though. :)

I've got one...she says all smugly.I don't think I'll join the group though because it doesn't work very well..and its likely I wont have it much longer. It would be an awful shame to have to "unjoin" a group.Actually I dont know if its mine anyway it was sort of inherited from my daughter........If you're interested its one of those multicoloured ones but I refuse to bin it till the very last colour has run out!: )