Dream Diary - August 13 2010 Friday

I saw a preacher in a church. She holds a bible of their own. and they sang joyfully in a high spirit. After a while the preacher got another bible wich is hidden in a tabbernacle. the bible is red in color and has a big crucifex in cover. and the bible is the Holy bible like that of the Roman Catholic. the preacher raise the bible out on her two arms and everybody intensify to sing and everyone are cooperating.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

pehaps the people's bible is the one that is continually being adjusted and re-written to be more generic (as I've recently researched) and the red Bible with the Crucifix is very symbolic: Red representing the color for Jesus, the Crucifix representing the story of Jesus, the tabernacle representing Heaven written. Just an interpretation from my own dreams, same symbology. thanks for sharing.