Laura's Girl

I first met Laura 2 years ago. We met at a bar where she was playing pool with another guy. I sat watching them, well, mostly her. She wore white jeans which accentuated her legs and a loose top that gave a glimpse of her bra encased breasts. I couldn't help noticing this every time she bent to take a shot. At one point, the guy with her left and Laura came over to me ans asked if I wanted to shoot some pool. Of course, I said yes. She played seductively, using all her charms. They worked wonders, because I was in fatuated with her.
My problem with women is that I am a crossdresser. I love to have sex with women, but I also love to dress and act like one. I even occassionally go out totally en femme. Well, with Laura, I didn't think I stood a chance, so I resigned myself to enjoying what I had; a super sexy pool playing partner.
After the bar closed, Laura asked me to give her a ride home. We got to her house and I walked her to her door, being the gentleman I am. She kissed me then in a most passionate way. I responded with equal enthusiasm, running my hands over her body. When her hands went down the back of my jeans, I gasped. You see, I was wearing a pair of women's satin panties. Laura's hand slid over the panties, but she did not pull out. Instead, we made our way into the house, where she pushed me onto the couch. We made out like teenagers, giving each other hickeys and feeling each other up. I was horny as hell and so was she.
Long story short, we embarked on having sex. She peeled off her clothes and watched me as I peeled off mine. I tried to hide the fact that I was wearing panties by pulling them down with my pants. Laura, however, was having none of it. She picked up the panties and told me to put them back on. I did so, nervously, and with excitement. This was a dream. She then had me put on the bra she just took off. We had sex then, with me in the bra and panites.
Afterward, Laura insisted that I wear panties all the time. She bought bras for me and wants me to wear them constantly. In our relationship, she is definately the more masculine of us. She takes charge and makes me feel dainty. I didn't think it possible, but this woman has me feeling like the woman. She has recently started to suggest I wear women's jeans. In the bedroom, I wear a nightgown or babydoll when we go to bed. Laura refers to me as her girlfriend. I'm not sure how far all this is going to go, but I sure like being Laura's girl.
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That is fantastic to be excepted from the start!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Great for you and her! This is getting to me more comon Michelle! Laura is one of those very Independent and Smart women that realize haviong a Feminine Man in her life is a Good Thing!

That's great, Michelle, and Laura sounds a bit like my wife when we started dating. Could be a keeper ... ;-)

You found a rare one. You give us hope that there maybe more to be found..;-)

is this Happenstance 3?

oh honey who wouldn't love a girl like that/hang on to her