Wife Is Turned On By Me Crossdressing

I enjoy crossdressing and wear all types of panties, pantyhose, stockings, lingerie, costumes, skirts, jeans, and love short skirts that show just the bottom of my butt cheeks. My wife loves me teasing her and bending over and posing in sexy or naughty positions as I am wearing something sexy, we both enjoy dressing up and teasing one another. I also love wearing tight jeans or spandex pants that cling to my ***. My wife loves that I crossdress and we enjoy shopping together for new things. We have made so many crossdressing friends over the years and its amazing how seeing other crossdressers turns both of us on, my wife sometimes gets jealous as some of them look so HOT and have such nice bodies and the lingerie looks so hot on them. Its amazing how us guys can dress up and look so sexy that we can look hotter than many woman. There is nothing like seeing a pair of legs in stockings from behind and not really knowing if the person is male or female and then having them turn around and seeing a nice bulge in a pair of panties, its a nice surprise. My wife has always said that lingerie is totally meant to be worn by a man because men have much more toned and sexy legs and butts and lingerie clinging to a males legs and butt looks so hot and I totally agree with her. We may not have the breasts to fill the top but we certainly have the lower bodies for wearing lingerie. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I love the way my man looks in lingerie, a nice dress, and a good pair of pantyhose. We often shop together as well. A couple different times we went to Vegas he got a complete make over and was my girlfriend for the day. How exciting that was too.