7/30/10 Karoake

Tonight me and fiance are going to meet up at a local karaoke resturaunt that lets patrons under 21 in.

all week she's been teasing my while on her camping trip about what a **** and ***** I am and how she's going to put me in some truly fem underwear and tease me until I fill them with ***. She says that she's going to make me try on a thong that she had that she isn't convinced fits her and should fit me fine. but she says not to get comfortable with the idea, she hasn't decided if she's going to put me into panties or a thong yet. i know if she puts me in a thong she'll pull the waist band well over my jeans and tug at the back all night long the idea makes me wet aleady. but if she decides to put me in panties then she'll tease me and make me *** several times in the resturant and sit in my *** like a little ****. neither option are much of a turn off.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

that is a nice idea, show your " ( T )" or your " ( Y ) " .... that is a great idea... get the looks from other women and guys... lol

All I can say is go for it if she puts you in panties she can pull them up so they show over the top of your jeans my wife sometimes has me wear a short wasted shirt so my panties do show