My Girlfriend Wants To Take A Couple Guys To A Room And Sex It Up With Them, Heres Our Chat.

I would wear a short skirt with thong panties and play pool bending over showing **** and ***

sometimes when I bend over you *** up behind me and rub your crotch against my *** while grabbing a handful of hair
the other men playing pool notice this

one of them asks if you want to bet on a game
it is a partners game and if you lose the guy and is partner get to **** me but you have to be with us
you agree to the bet

and in the end to throw the game

during the game I flash a lot of **** and ***

and miss every shot
the 2 men see them selves winning and begin to touch me one of them walks up behind me as I am getting ready to make a shot
he rubs his hard **** against me *** and I grind into him his partner is watching my **** bounce

when we lose the game the four of us go to a corner booth and I sit between the two
they are touching me and treating me like a ****

i put my hands on their ***** and rub them

as you talk to them and get a feel for what theyare like you tell them I am into pain

one of the men reaches in to my top and pinches my nipple
and I completely melt
everyone is so horny we decide to leave

when we get out to the car you have me spread my legs and bend over the hood
flipping my skirt up you show the men my *** that was still nice and red and warm from the spanking you gave me earlier

the men want to **** me right there but you explain that I will **** one of them and be punished for it and then **** the other and be punished again

you tell them that they can to the punishing if they would like

yes always punish me for enjoying being with anyone but you
when we get to the room you have me un

they start rubbing and pinching and touching me
you decide whice one goes first
you pick the guy who seems more cruel
he has me bend over the bed and ***** me from behind with each stroke he slaps my alread tender ***
he grabs my **** n squeezes the nipples with his tight fist

slapping stinging my *** hard!
he ***** me forever and I am dripping with my *** Just before he gets ready to *** he has me drop to my knees and suck him
hard **** in my mouth sucking like a wild woman
I start to suck his **** and the other guy comes up and grabs my hair he holds me still as the first guy jacks off shooting *** all over my face and ****

you decide to punish me when the guys leave and the second guy takes off his pants he is huge

you tell me you are going to let him "rape" my *** I beg you not to and after I get on my kness with tears in my eyes you relent
I start out by sucking this guys **** my lips stretch around it I take him as deep as I can and he forces me to take him even deeper

I start to gag and I can't breath he holds my head in place untilI I almost pass out
chewin n sucking he does this over and over
mouth full of BIG ****
each time I last a little longer and after `a while I can suck him deep with out having to be forced

he has me get on the bed on my knees and stands behind me to **** me
he presses his **** against my *** hole and holds me by my hips so I can't move away after pressing for a minute he stops and rams his **** into my *****

I feel like I am being ****** my the big end of a base ball bat
stretchin my wet *****
he really does not care if it hurts me or not he just keeps *******
his indifference makes me wetter

he grabs my hair and pulls me back so that his **** goes deeper
he too keeps slapping my *** and it is very tender by now
pink n hotttt
he pumps a load of *** into me and when he is done ******* me I fall on to the bed
I can't even stand up
you ask the men if they want to stay and watch you punishe me
they agree to stay

leaving me on the bed you go and get a quater inch dowl rod the you have me bend over the back of a kitchen chair and spread my legs

you start in the middle of my back leaving lash marks as you work your way down
there are red welt lash marks from my middle back to the back of my knees
you go to the other sid eof the chair and repete the whole thing

where the lashes criss cross it hurts terriblly
you are right I do deserve them

after you are done whipping me
you slip you pants down and hve me turn around and suck your ****

I go nice and slow sucking and licking your balls too
circling my tongue around the head of your **** and
rubbing my teeth up and down as I suck

I use my hands to jack you off as I am sucking and I nibble on the head of your ****
I take your balls in my mouth and suck them you look it when I rake my teeth over them

I look up at you and ask you to *** for me please
you tell me yes and I start sucking to get your ***
my head pistons as I suck harder and harder

my hand grips your balls cupping them clsoe to your body
I I rake my nails over your balls and down the insid eof your legs

I look up at you agin and just say please

between my effort and the men watching you grab my hair and I take your **** deep into my throat I can feel the cumm pumpin out of your **** and I swallow it all

ownerofalonelyheart ownerofalonelyheart
46-50, M
Aug 2, 2010