I has a co-worker that turned me on to G-mail since I had only 1 other account but it was very small it was only 1 MB worth of space.  He was telling me about how G-mail has a large amount of email space and about how to use firefox with Goggle to use for storage or being able to send files, etc.

I have created a few groups for my family who is far away to see the things that go on in our lives and that they can be in touch with us. 

I just like it for the customizing of my home page with tabs so I can have more content on my home page then just what someone else thinks I want, I can have the things that I find interesting brought to my page and I don't have to go looking for it.

I have used my gmail account with Firefox to actually do data storage and I haven't had to delete a email for 6 years.  I have several friends that send me things and I still have them.

So it is very cool.

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

igoogle is the best!!!! I agree wholeheatedly. You can cutomize your homepage to your exact liking.. Also gmail is highly customizable.....i love it too :-) P.