~ Actually I Have About 124 of Them ~

   And counting. Mahahahahaha!!!! But those aside, my real goal on EP is to become a better friend, a stronger woman, & to learn a bit more about others & how to communicate a bit better. I want to become someone that I can rely on. EP helps me with this. Of course I'd also like to be able to write stories to all my experiences, my goals & blog more. I don't see how that will be possible though as I keep adding experiences. Mahahahahahah!!!! I tell ya, I'm addicted to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I would love to be able to help people & EP allows me to do that to a certain degree without actually putting myself in harm's way. I can stay home, in my 'safe' place & still reach out to others who need someone to listen & care. That is really my ultimate goal, to help as many of my friends as I can. By listening to them, caring about them, & letting them know they aren't alone. That someone in Canada cares about them, worries about them & wishes them nothing but love, happiness, & an amazing life. Whatever that may be for them. : )

   I'd also like to get my circle back down to about 50 instead of 112, which is where I was the last time I checked............. But, I love them & can't seem to say no when someone fans me unless they're underage or their profile freaks me out (due to content). So I think that goal isn't very doable....At least not right now. Mahahahahahhaha!!!!

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Jun 24, 2009