The Best And Worst Time Of My Life

Every night, before I go to bed, I have my own little ritual I feel that I need to do before I can go to bed. Pursuing a career in the medical field, there is so much you need to know. It's like learning a new language. Sooo, before I can sleep I practice naming all the bones in my body, the major muscles, where all my organs are located and what they do, name the directional terms, the planes of the body, and the medical terms for certain regions of the body (armpit=axillary, inner elbow=antecubital). Even though I do this everynight, it's still so hard to obtain all the information my classes truely offer.
Wish me luck everyone. This is more of a journey than I could have ever imagined. But it is still and always will be, my passion.
LittleMissGreenEyes LittleMissGreenEyes
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I'm in a related field... it was the best decision i ever made in my life... Technology is so innovative, the people, compassion and very rewarding...good luck.... I'm not as diligent as you, so I just sing, The Toe bone's connected to the foot bone, Foot bone's connected to the leg bone, Leg bone's connected to the knee bone etc etc.....

haha hey singing is a good idea. I love to sing so maybe then it wouldnt be as much as a pain. what part of the medical field are you in?

Research - specifically diagnostic imaging.... with a focus to pediatrics/neonatal and women's health.....

nice. im going for diagnostic medical sonography and hope to work at a women's center

Great growth area.... There's a shortage of sonography people all over... non ionizing, great technology, you're going in a good direction... Are you in the US? I can pm you some info if you wish...

yes i am in the US. and u can pm me info. thats always helpful lol

Will do later tonight....

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