My good friend of over 8 years is in the hospital dying of liver disease.  I am heartbroken.  This has been a very rough year for me.  Since I moved last year, I lost my best friend in January.  Not sure what the cause of death was, but I suspect a drug overdose.  I also lost my 2 precious cats shadow and honey, shadow was killed by a car and honey did not survive an operation.  I am completely drained and don't know how to deal with another loss.

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that was a rough time in your life, I pray things are better for you now. I am trying to be there for a friend who just recentley had to have a full mestectomy. The cancer traveled from her skin to her forehead to her face to her right breast and then her left and not they are saying she has an irreguler heart beat. I will take any advice on helping her deal with this that you have, I too am drained. I am always here for you if you need me..take care kitty.

thanks opensoul, It is sort of my therapy to post here. I am very sad and am grieving but right now ep is my only outlet, i have a few friends to talk to but most are busy with their lives and I don't want to burden them, ep has been a great form of support for me.

Thank you all for your kind words. It's hard not to feel sad right now, I just feel like there is so much loss. I will cherish the moments I have left with him.

It is terrible how many bad things seem to happen to you all at once. Got to think about the future and think how those friends would have wanted you to feel. Remember the good times you had with them and don't forget. You have a lot of friends here to talk to.

One minute at a time. Yeah, I've had to do that. It gets you through. But I can't help thinking about positive things for the future, and that's what really keeps me getting up in the morning; things will get better for me, and they will get better for you too. We will sleep better, and we will have less worry. Well, maybe different worries, but a change is as good as a rest, they say. Lean on your other friends and family and they will hold you steady until your pain passes like the last winter storm. Wait for it.

Sometimes you have to live one minute at a time until these bad feelings pass. My prayers are with you.