I Am So Close to My God (the Creator)

Infact I grew up to discover that what people strugle for years to get. comes to me in a plater of gold.  I lost my father when I was in form 5. No one to take care of my 4 other siblings and myself educationally and otherwise.  Somehow, by the grace of my God My widowed mother managed to train us through primary and secondary schools single handely without engaging herself in concubine show.  I cannot stand to say ' this is how I went to school or this is the one who trained me'.  Today I am a Master degree holder and working, with a lovely Husband (the most lovable husband in this plannet earth) and 2 lovely children male & female. by the grace of 'my' mirraculous God will keep us.


Thanks for sharing my story.

beaty beaty
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

your story is far beautiful,and I believe every word.You see I know the founder of this world,I to have been blessed above and behond.In knowing my Lord,I carry the peace that passes all understanding,I carry it where ever I go,I could go on and on I am sure you know what I mean.<br />
May His smile be upon you and bless you with ever-lasting peace<br />
Thank You my friend