Happily Married

Does anyone else ever get the feeling in today's American society that the foundations of what marriage should be have completely fallen apart? I have been happily married to the love of my life for 7 years and together for almost 8. We met online in a yahoo chat room and things took off. People might say "oh yeah, typical relationship"...but let me tell you we are anything but typical. When we met I was 2yrs into my enlistment in the Air Force, had just returned home from a deployment to Iraq and was stationed in Florida. My wife was still legally married but separated from an abusive marriage that ended with domesitc violence and jail time, in the state of Indiana. Yet from 600 miles away we talked over the phone, online and FINALLY met in person in November of that year. She made the drive down to meet, and we ******* like rabbits. :) We were both in love, and I proposed the first week we met. I took leave for Thanksgiving and we drove up to Indiana to meet her parents and so I could meet her two children (4 & 1).

We moved in together in December and moved all of her things from Indiana to Florida and got an apartment off base. Thus began our ever changing life. To sum things up, we have since done the following:

*Separated from the military
*Had a baby girl
*Fought for and won custody of her son
*Spent jail time for fraud brought on by her ex-husband
*Moved back to Indiana
*Fought with the in-laws
*Moved back to Florida
*Had a baby boy
*Moved back to Indiana
*Had another baby boy
*Struggled to find and keep work

Yet in ALL of this, in all of our fights, all of our bad times we've maintained that we want to stick this out. We have seen more couples split over petty crap than I know how to count, and more couples split over inability to work through problems. We're not the best at problem solving or communication but we are dedicated to each other. Too many posts I see on FB or EP are from people who just don't seem to want to either make it work or they see an easy out. Or they assume that they're gay. Why does everyone think they are gay?! Sorry, different subject...but what I'm trying to say is the foundations of a good marriage are in committment, trust and love and I feel like the movies shows it in the early stages but don't touch on how hard it really is, but how REWARDING it really is!!! After 7 years I can honestly say she is the ONLY person I want to spend my life with and the ONLY person I can truly trust with everything I am. God gave me her and I will treasure her no matter our life circumstances.

Where's the chivalry today? Where's the love ya'll? I just wish I could know if there are others out there. Men and women willing to fight for their relationship, willing to put their marriage first. Screw the job, screw the promotion, screw the latest tech gadget, screw the "things" that get in the way, because our spouse is the most important person to ever be a part of our life next to God Himself. Warren Barfield says it this way "Love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for!" I cannot agree more.
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Sep 14, 2012