My Memory Is A Curse!!

So lately ive been researching about my weird memory. I came up with Hyperthymesia its a condition where a person has an excellent autobiographical memory. I can remember things from back when i was an infant, what I was wearing, what my parents were wearing. Theyre like photographs I can never forget. Is this normal? During the day some random memories will go zooming through my mind and i feel so confused and i'll be in the pressent but my mind will be in the past and i'll be looking at both times at the same time and it's just so... agh!! So what do you guys think? is this normal for a good memory? or do i have this so called hyperthymnesia?
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I have it too, i remember my great grand mother singing to me with her face expressions and she died when i was 1 year old. I also always catch people lying thanx to my good memory, cause i remember things they say in the past, so it's a good thing in search for honest people. And it is much easier to start any work cause the learning is fast, so it is good i think. It is not nice when i remember negative things but they help me not to do the same mistakes again or if it has nothing to do with mistakes, i just stop thinking about it and concentrate on something new. It is important to have many new hobbies and things to do. ;)

I remember these things too -- all five senses and also exactly how I felt at the time. But this doesn't necessarily interfere with my present state and focus, although it does occupy my thoughts often.

It's never good to self-diagnose but it looks like you've got it. I also have really good memory but more for random facts than my life. (I have no idea what I wore two days ago and ate for lunch yesterday but I can list the elements in the periodic table in order.)

hahah me too!! but wow i can't do that. that is real talent to memroise the periodic table in order. thats AMAZINGGG. lol can you remember pi? 3.14... so on?

I've never tried...

Generally yes. I've never really learned to study.