A man calls in to the IRS Collection's Department. He says "Yes, I am aware I have a debt to pay, and I would like to know how much I owe at this time?" The voice on the other line says "Okay, hold on- I need your name please." The man replies "John Smith." The voice on the other line says "Okay, hold please..." after which there is a pause, followed by the IRS Collector saying "542-542". The man squints in confusion on his line. "You mean to tell me that I have to text KGB to find out my debt?"
"No," replied the IRS Collector "I mean to tell you that you owe over half a million dollars."
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yeah i'm like really slow so i don't get it can you help a brotha out

Sometimes when I'm writing, fatigue sets in, and I realize that it's becoming so hard to type because of the proximity of my nose to the keyboard. The next morning, I'll wake up, look at what I wrote while exhausted, and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

I'm still not sure what this was supposed to mean, so you're not alone.