Some of my experience are written with me closing my eyes and thinking about it.
I'd don't write them in exact detail and description, but I sit and savor, then write.
Especially when I think of her.

There are other stories I haven't written, and when I close my eyes, I can hear the music that was playing and can often times remember certain smells.
I think I started doing this after seeing a counselor 20 yrs ago. She told me to remember a place from my teens that made me happy. I closed my eyes and found myself at my friend's house for dinner. I could see everyone, the food, the dining room layout.. everything, everyone, the smells, hear their voices. ..20 yrs later, all I do is close my eyes and think about certain things that I love or enjoy, even fantasize about and they become so vivid.
The mind is amazing.
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The mind is truly amazing.