Today, for the second time, I attended the final concert for the All State Choir Music Conference. I sang last year in the second choir, and I was ranked 29th in  state. This year, i worked extremely hard to make the top ten and ranked 4th in state. 

Anyway, the fourth piece we performed was a remarkable success. You know those moments where you simply feel your audience feeling the music you are making for them, well, this was one of those moments. It was fantastic. I was close to tears and many people in my choir did cry.

I am knew to this group. I have been singing my entire life and find nothing more satisfying that captivating an audience through music.

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I am definitely not Susan Boyle, though i do admire her courage. My last name is Cooper. First name shall remain anonymous just to add the air of mystery that I myself find intriguing.

It must be loverly! Wow! Fourth in the state. When I was in High School they told me I could not sing. I have an excellent barrie voice with ranges to sing bass and a bit of tenor -- I did not know how to use my instrument then. Someone helped me along and I learned and it has taken me years to get and maintain confidence. I have sung in numerous choirs -- one of the best right now is being conducted by Matthew Faerber of UW Superior in WI, he also conducts the Duluth Symphony Chorus. Never had a bestter conducter!<br />
Music is grand the way it penetrates and audience. I am going to pierce on tonight at the cafe with some silly but good songs!<br />
Welcome here, I love to hear more about your musical expereince and those of others!